AMOC Speed Championship 2021

Round 1 - Saturday 24 April, Aintree, Liverpool Motor Club 


Round 2 -  Saturday 8 May, MIRA, Bentley Drivers Club - CANCELLED - NEW DATE TBA


Round 3 - Sunday 6 June, Harewood Hill, British Automobile Racing Club 


Round 4 - Sunday 11 July, Blyton Park, Westfield Car Club 


Round 5 - Sunday 25 July, Shelsley Walsh, Midland Automobile Club 


Round 6 - Saturday 7 August, Goodwood, Brighton & Hove Motor Club 


Round 7 - Sunday 29 August, Loton Park, Hagley & District Car Club 


Round 8 - Sunday 19 September, Curborough, Aston Martin Owners Club 


Round 9 -Saturday 2 October, Prescott, Bugatti Owners’ Club

Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2021, in the meantime stay safe. 

AMOC Sprints are a mixture of circuits or hill-climbs, where one person is out on the track at one time.  Each run is timed with practice runs in the morning, to learn the lines, and competitive runs in the afternoon. 


There are two series categories; one for AMOC Members with Aston Martins and the other for AMOC Members with other marques of car. The Aston Martin category has sub-classes as defined in the following documents: 


       Click on the Class name to download the eligibility specifications

Points are awarded for both the fastest times, and a handicap, to make it fairer across the models.