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Speed Championship: News & Updates

Sprinting is a high-speed discipline in which competitors take individual turns to set a time around a lap of a closed course, with the fastest times determining the final results.

Events are typically held on various courses ranging from airfields, established sprint course and racing circuits.

Competitors are given practice runs before the competition proper starts. Usually you will get two runs against the clock, with your best time counting in the final results. 

AMOC Sprints are a mixture of circuits or hill-climbs, with competitors being on track  one person is out on the track at one time.  Each run is timed with practice runs in the morning, to learn the lines, and competitive runs in the afternoon. 


There are two series categories; one for AMOC Members with Aston Martins and the other for AMOC Members with other marques of car. The Aston Martin category has sub-classes as defined in the following documents: 


       Click on the Class name to download the eligibility specifications

Points are awarded for both the fastest times, and a handicap, to make it fairer across the models.


The 2022 Dates, regulations and registration form are available now using the links below...  



Registration Form


Further enquiries please contact:


Christine Howson​




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